Arizona slugger Chambers hitting life out of the park

Stacie Chambers is in a good place: a sweet-swinging, home run-hitting place.

The University of Arizona softball team is better for it. More importantly, Chambers, Arizona’s power-hitting catcher, is at peace.

Home (plate) is where her heart is. It’s her place of respite and solace.

“I find hitting relaxing,’’ she said, then qualifies it with “as long as I’m feeling good about it. I like to hit to stay relaxed. If I’m not frustrated, I like to just go hit.’’

But sometimes, life hits back, in the unkindest of ways (more later).

Chambers’ story is one of inspiration and fortitude, one where if you get knocked down — literally — you get back up, tap your cleats and hit it out of the park. Literally.

Chambers has — 87 times. Two of those came in last week’s regional round, which broke a tie at 85 and gave her the career record at Arizona, one of the nation’s most-storied softball programs.

The senior from Glendale, Ariz., isn’t so much an overnight sensation as a work in progress, that is now just four home runs away from being the all-time home run queen of college softball.

To read more, visit: Fox Sports Arizona

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